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Our Brand

With the development of the economic, the events around the world are getting more and more. Numerous brands are choosing events, and waking up to the unique marketing power of live media. Besides spectacular marketing power, the events also do what others can’t do, to gather a huge number of top senior executives together at the same time, in the same place.
Through our professional commercial event you will get:

  • Share Most Updated Information around the World
  • Meet the people you might never have chance to talk and spend time learning and playing together
  • Make your voice heard
  • Network and develop relationship with who will highly be your most potential clients or strategic partners in future
With our hard-working, non-stop learning, and steadfast faith of customers’ value-base, our events are dedicated to provide a platform for in-depth presentation and discussion, to discover key topics and information that customers have rare chance to hear and to foster an effective way to strengthen and deepen our customers’ views.

We focus on the value added through 2-4 days conference, part of which is to give our customers enough chance and time to networking. Conference questions time, pre-conference seminar, site tour, gala dinner, cocktail party, coffee break time, all of these give customers more than 40 hours for networking.

SZ&W Group’s events also devote to make our customers get involved happily in the events. When they get involved in worthwhile endeavors and meet new friends, it is their chance to make bigger and unpredictable success, which is also our permanent pursuit.

Innovation makes a coporate outstanding, as well as the events. We believe only difference makes things impressive, that is how we position our events and the principle we follow to produce and design an event. Keep young at heart and energetic, we are creating a new world.

       SZ&W Foundation
The Foundation is managed by a dedicated committee of staff from across the business, with executive oversight and strategic input and wide-ranging participation from teams working in every area of the company.

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       SZ&W Research
SZ&W Research is a market research and consulting team that provides in-depth analysis of global nuclear, Unconventional gas, offshore E&P and Solar markets.

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       SZ&W Events
Initiated in 2008, SZ&W Event focuses on organizing top-level conferences, trainings and exhibitions around the world, serving our clients in various industries, typically, in Oil and Gas, Coal, Utility and Power, Infrastructure, Finance, Life Science, etc.

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