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The SZ&W Way


All of SZ&W members are pride of providing timely, accurate, unbiased and trusted information to our clients. We have a profound respect for the professions and clients we serve and define our success in terms of their success.


SZ&W Start from a small team which is target-oriented, aggressive, hard-working and desire to move quickly and precisely to seize opportunities and to be successful. The work environment is inherent highly competitive and challenging.

Team work

SZ&W Group is a big team. Every member here has a clear understanding of team goals and responsibilities, and thereby we enjoy the unparalleled accomplishment that created by this group. We believe synergy of individual contributions and thanks to the diversity of skills and personalities which perfectly balance and complement each other; we trust every members and have a very good solutions to conflicts.

Diversified and impartial

We values diversity of culture and thought and seeks talented, qualifies members in all its operations around the world regardless of race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, etc.


We are grateful for all of the SZ&W members who have worked with us whose visions and goals match our own. We are grateful for all the failures we have made in the past years. We are grateful for this new era which is filled with opportunities and innovative ideas.

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