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Your Development

Your development

At SZ&W Group, keep on learning is highly emphasized in everyday life. Due to this dynamic and challenging market, creativity, flexibility, profession and passion are absolutely necessary to every member. Consequently, in SZW&W Group, your development will be accompanied by trainings throughout the career. Not only the introduction training which will be took place in the first week when you join this group, but also the functional practice training and career development seminars, all of our training will be tailor-made and based on your background, experience, and requirements at the every stage of your career in SZ&W Group.

It is deeply believed that the success of SZ&W Group depends on your personal growth and development, human resource is always the most valuable asset we have, therefore, whatever your position or wherever you are, you will be supported by our team constantly, and we will offer you the most entrepreneurial and professional knowledge in this industry.

Introduction training

In the first week you enter into this group, we design special introduction training for every new comer, which is committed to helping you adapt to the new job perfectly and timely and making sure you are able to meet changing conditions and situations in the future, the introduction training also include the basic knowledge of job together with the skills which is necessary for you to be fully involved in this industry.

Career tracking

Since the first day you join this group, a special career package will be designed for you and it will be traced progressively and enriched constantly, you will receive the training opportunities exactly when you need them, since all the predictable challenges of your next career step could be overcome by fully preparation through our training program together with invaluable support from your manager. We have a strong evaluation system which will help you identify your weakness and strengthens at the every career step and assist you to explore your potential entirely.

Develop your professional expertise

We offer you professional working environments and professional supervisors, managers and trainers. All of them are committed to ensuring you to put what you have learned in training into practice in your work. You will be remold thoroughly after the training programs and know how to deal with various clients and how to response to every changing situation appropriately.

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