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The media partner program offers you biggest Exposure chance to your target audience, the customer. And we fully understand the value of your brand and the importance of the exposure chance.
As one of the media partners throughout the conference, you will be entitled to the following advertising mileage and exposure: 

  • Your LOGO to be displayed on official website with auto link to your website;
  • Add your LOGO with interlinkage and brief of in the media partner page;
  • Prominent display of company logo on the conference proceedings and backdrop;
  • Free email campaign by our promotional email blast and newsletter updating twice every month to approximately 8,000 individuals targeted by our marketing and sales teams;
  • A shared-table to distribute your publications and brochures;

This is our general formula which is subject to modification and negotiation, depending on how comprehensive cooperation we would like to have for the congress. 

Our previous media partners:



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