The Only Nuclear Energy Congress in India

     ♦ The Only Nuclear Energy Congress in India focusing on NPPs under construction and proposed

     ♦ Dissect Topics like Policy Updates, International Agreements, Nuclear Partnerships, Nuclear Liability, Projects Updates, Reactor Technologies, Supply Chain and Fuel Cycle
     ♦ 10+ Professional Topics covering National Incentives, Investment & Pricing, R&D, Supply Chain, Technology Issues, and Fuel Cycle and Waste Management.
     ♦ Networking Opportunities with the most prominent organizations and professionals from India Nuclear Industry
     ♦ Two Panel Discussions talking about LWRs in India and Opportunities for Supply Chain


Part of 4th India NIC 2018 Speakers


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In the event brochure, you will know that the conference will more focus on latest policy and regulatory, projects update, technologies sharing, brand building and networking. With the theme of industry development, the event will do greatest efforts to achieve your targets.

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