2018 Sponsors

Sponsor Opportunity

The exhibition area presents the perfect opportunity to:

  • Showcase Your Latest Achievements to Decision Makers
  • Network with Senior Marketing and Business Development Leaders to Generate New Deals
  • Strengthen Relationship with Your Old Clients, Increase Public Acceptance for Potential Clients
Recommended Sponsor Package Tickets Speech Exhibition
Gold Sponsor 10 ? 9m2
Silver Sponsor 8 ? 5m2
Bronze Sponsor 6 ? 4m2
Presentation Sponsor 4 ? x
Welcome Reception Sponsor 4 x 4m2
Luncheon Sponsor 6 x 4m2
Cocktail Party Sponsor 4 x 4m2
Golf Match Sponsor 4 x x
Lanyard Sponsor 3 x x
Delegate Bag Sponsor 3 x x


Who Should Sponsor?

Generic placeholder image
  • International Reactor Vendors
  • EPC Contractor and Engineering Consulting vendors
  • Law Firms / Insurance Firms
  • Inspection Firms / Accounting Firms
  • Management Consulting Firms
  • Software/Simulation Solution Vendors
  • NSSS and Other Reactor Island Equipment Vendors
  • Auxiliary Equipment suppliers
  • Conventional Island Equipment Vendors
  • Laboratories/ Foreign Technology Research Centers
  • Nuclear Fuel Mining/ Recycling Technology Suppliers
  • All the other vendors that are in bidding process

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