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Richard Ding


Riccardo Luxury/Naturual Cosmetics & Healthcare Distribution Center

Wayne Wang

General Manager, Strategic Commercial Planning and Control

K11 Concepts Limited

Joyce ChihYu Chang

General Manager, Marketing


Rebecca Wang

Head of E-commerce

Nestle China Ltd.

Joyce Ling

VP of Strategy

Sapient Razorfish

Xiangyu Wang


Tencent QD

Frederic Guiral de Haas





Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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"This conference is amazing!"
--- Edy Hermantoro, Director General, Directorate General of Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources
"Well done! I had unforgettable experience here"
--- Dr. Iwan Ratman, Vice President Operations Support, SKK Migas
"A very good and informative conference!"
--- Abdul Hamid Batubara, President Director, Indonesia, Chevron

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